Month: <span>July 2017</span>
Month: July 2017

Top 13 Amazing Facts About SEO

SEO has taken center stage in as far as online marketing is concerned. Many Boca Raton, Florida business owners and marketers have turned to Serphaus Boca Raton SEO as a means of generating leads and converting these leads to paying customers. As such, there are many interesting elements of this ever-increasing industry that is SEO.

Herein are 13 amazing facts about SEO:

#1. The SEO Industry Is Worth Billions – The Value of the SEO industry is worth a lot of money. seoTo be precise, the industry is estimated to be worth as much as $65 billion currently. However, on the back of increased searches and increased users across the globe, the value of the industry is estimated to grow to be worth as much as $79 billion by 2020.

#2. Mobile Centric SEO Is The Next Frontier For SEO – This is one of the most astonishing facts among the 13 amazing facts about SEO. Mobiles devices are quickly replacing laptops and desktops as the preferred device for searching for content on the internet. To put this fact into perspective, consider this; 88% of all local searches is done using mobile devices; 50% of general searches are done using a mobile device; Google ranks favorably websites that are mobile-friendly. All these bits of statistics point towards the important role mobile SEO is playing in achieving better SEO results in the near future.

#3. Conversational Searches Will Increase – Voice recognition technology is being integrated into the mobile device user experience. Thus searches through platforms such as Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Android voice recognition technology is set to play a greater role in searches and SEO.

#4. Google Market Share Of The Search Engine Market Is Estimated At 65% – 71% – Google is not just an ordinary player in the search engine market. It is the alpha dog. No other search engine company come as close to Google in terms of market dominance. The company is responsible for handling an estimated 65% to 70% of all internet searches. Therefore, an interesting fact among the 13 amazing facts about SEO is that most of the SEO effort is geared towards ensuring that websites auger well with Google’s website requirements.

#5. More Than A Half of B2B Marketers Rely On SEO To Generate Leads – For Business to Business (B2B) marketers, their best performing tool in as far as lead generation is concerned is SEO. According to NewsCred, as much as 57% of B2B marketers consider SEO to have the biggest impact in converting leads to paying customers.

#6. The first link on the Google Search Engine Results Page accounts for 33% of all clicks on the natural result list. In this regard, the prime position on the search engine results is the first position on the list.

#7. Word count of the web pages listed on the first search engine results page (SERP) has been increasing over the years. As of 2015, the word count had risen from 975 to 1,285.

#8. 72% of marketers across the globe consider content creation as the most effective SEO tactic for long-term success.

#9. 44% of online shopper first use search engines to get information on their items of interest. This means that a website being optimized and ranked better stands a better chance of accruing high-quality leads.

#10. The more content a website has, the better ranking it receives. Thus, websites that pages between 400 to 1000 pages get six times as much leads when compared to websites that have less than 100 web pages.

#11. 58% of marketers that have used social media as part of their SEO tactic for more than year tend to perform better due to improved customer engagement.

#12. The majority of internet user prefer to use the natural search result instead of paid ads. 70% to 80% of internet user prefer to use the natural results and thus ignore paid ads.

#13. Blogging frequently increases the number of inbound links by a factor of as much as 97%, according to Hubspot.

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